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Morgan Drexen can handle many of the critical and time-consuming tasks required to run a successful law firm. Our team will tailor a marketing plan suited to your firm’s specific needs and strengths. We will guide you through the process of creating, communicating and delivering high-end marketing strategies specific to your demographic and geography. From advertising and public relations to the targeted use of social media, we have every angle covered. Morgan Drexen also provides full website design and hosting services. We will create a user-friendly, visually appealing site that showcases your firm and everything it has to offer. In addition, we supply attorneys with proprietary software programs designed to improve productivity and reduce costs. These programs consolidate and automate client information, creating a virtually paperless work flow. The applications are available on different platforms to suit the needs of individual law firms. Through the use of internet-based cloud computing you can rest assured knowing all sensitive and critical information regarding your clients and cases is backed up and stored securely. The automated programs designed and maintained by Morgan Drexen will allow your law office to efficiently monitor and expand your client database.

As you can see, Morgan Drexen represents the ultimate in back-office legal support. We provide law firms with computer technology, marketing, marketing support, call centers, paralegal and paraprofessional support, predictive business logic, artificial intelligence, outsourced litigation support, proprietary know-how, client databases, administrative services, and work-product retrieval systems with cloud computing platforms facilitated by the company’s outsourced support staff.

If you are ready to take your law firm to the next level while simultaneously reducing costs, Morgan Drexen is your answer. Click on the “Attorney Enrollment” tab on this page to begin the process of powering your law firm with the top-level support services of Morgan Drexen.

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